Are charter schools public schools?
Yes. Charter schools are independently operated public schools. Charter schools provide a high-quality option to public school students, upholding standards that meet and often exceed district and state metrics.
Do charter schools charge tuition?

No. Charter schools are tuition-free public schools. We bill each enrolled student’s school district for funding as established by state law.

Who can enroll at Young Scholars?

Any student from any district in Pennsylvania is allowed to enroll in our school.

Are teachers at Young Scholars certified?

Yes. We are required to abide by the teacher certification laws of the PA Department of Education that apply to charter schools. Our teachers are considered state public school employees.

Is transportation provided to Young Scholars?

Yes. Transportation is provided to students whose school district boundary line lies within 10 miles of our district’s boundary line. For information on whether an address is within the 10 miles, please contact our main office.

What makes Young Scholars different from other schools?

Young Scholars’ unique multicultural learning environment is developing citizens of the world. We strive to build and reinforce our students’ sense of personal identify and larger cultural awareness. We also work hard to stimulate their curiosity and sense of inquiry so they become life-long learners.

To accomplish these goals, Young Scholars teaches two globally significant foreign languages beginning in kindergarten: Spanish and Turkish. We engage learners of all abilities in STEM and digital-media programming. Finally, we give our students personalized attention through technology-assisted curriculum and research-based instructional practices.

Why is learning other languages important to a young child?

There are two main reasons for teaching languages to young children. The first is that they are intrinsically better at language learning, which means they become proficient more quickly.

The second is that in an increasingly globalized world, intercultural competence is essential. It is important to awaken children’s interest in other people and cultures at a time when they are open and receptive.

What types of extracurricular activities does Young Scholars offer?

Young Scholars hosts an after-school Extended Day Program throughout the school year. Extended Day is available to our entire student population. It offers a multitude of clubs as well as additional academic support via tutoring.

We are also proud of our competitive teams—including Robotics and Science Olympiad—which have achieved great success in recent competitions.

How do I enroll my child in Young Scholars?

Young Scholars accepts applications during its annual open enrollment period, March 1–31, and on a rolling basis as well. Vacant seats for the following school year are filled during open enrollment. Rolling applications are processed as seats become available throughout the year.

Visit our Admissions Procedures page to learn more about the enrollment process or complete an online application at any time.