I can’t imagine there’s another school like Young Scholars. It isn’t just the Turkish and Spanish, or small classes, or diversity, or STEM activities, or Extended Day Program that make it unique. It’s also the community. Every teacher, every staff member, every administrator cares about our children. They dedicate innumerable hours to creating an environment our kids relish and thrive in.
—Young Scholars parent since 2012

It’s wonderful how Young Scholars brings all of us together. We gather at least once a month for pot-luck dinners, performances, book fairs, science and social studies fairs, grandparent nights, International Mother Language Day, and so much more.

We know one another. We support one another. We have fun together. We are a family.
—Young Scholars parent since 2012

About Us

Young Scholars’ unique multicultural learning environment is developing citizens of the world. We build and reinforce our students’ sense of personal identify and larger cultural awareness, and we stimulate their curiosity and sense of inquiry so they become life-long learners.

To accomplish this, Young Scholars teaches two globally significant foreign languages beginning in kindergarten: Spanish and Turkish. We engage learners of all abilities in STEM and digital-media programming. And we give our students personalized attention through a technology-assisted curriculum and research based instructional practices.

Our Beliefs

  • All students want to learn, are capable of learning, and share in the responsibility of obtaining a good education
  • School staff, students, families, and the community are contributing partners in the educational process
  • Schools of excellence have effective educational leaders
  • Educators must be knowledgeable and current in their profession, discipline, and pedagogy
  • It is important for each member of the educational community to recognize and respect all forms of diversity
  • Effective schools are built with integrity and foster respectful, inclusive, and dynamic environments
  • Responsive schools take a leading role in promoting safety and wellness
  • Fiscal decisions must effectively balance the educational needs of the students and resources of the community


Our Values

People: Diversity of thought, background, and beliefs

Habits for success: Persistence and resilience

Learning skills: Communication and collaboration; creativity and innovation; critical thinking and problem solving


Key Qualities in Successful Students

Respect: Valuing self and others, caring for one’s environment, and taking pride in positive actions

Responsibility: Taking accountability, taking ownership of what you do, listening and following through

Integrity: Doing the right thing (even when no one is watching), being honest with yourself and others, and being trustworthy in thoughts, words, and actions

Small School and Classes

Our average class size is 20 students, and we have approximately 330 students in our school, grades K-8. Smaller classes boost academic achievement. They also allow each child to be seen as a unique, whole person, with his or her own learning style and pattern of growth. Comprehensive professional development for teachers and a rigorous curriculum enhance the effect of reduced class size on academic achievement.

Parent and Guardian Involvement

Young Scholars recognizes the contribution that parent and guardian involvement makes toward academic achievement. We view the education of our students as a cooperative effort by the school, our parents and guardians, and the community.

To foster family involvement, we invite parents guardians to serve on committees for school improvement. We house an active parent-teacher organization. We hold parent-principal breakfasts every week. We also host many evening activities that bring families and staff together to build community and closer relationships.

Personalized Education

Our teachers personalize their approach to educating each of their students based on learning style, level of development, and ability. For example, they form small, flexible groups of learners that give our children individual attention and peer support. We also use “WIN time,” 40-minute blocks that allow for additional enrichment and intervention.

Extended Day Program

Young Scholars’ Extended Day Program is a privilege available to all of our students. Extended Day provides high-quality educational, recreational, and social programs, some of which are competitive. It also supports our students’ Spanish and Turkish studies, helps them achieve success in their core subjects, and enriches their lives with activities that match their interests and talents.

Young Scholars encourages every child’s participation in Extended Day so we can achieve our vision of forming global citizens who are proficient in two world languages and STEM.

Why Attend Young Scholars?

  • Introduction of foreign language study in kindergarten
  • Proficiency in two world languages other than English by 8th grade
  • STEM programming for all learners
  • Project-based learning that applies new knowledge to real-world situations
  • Rigorous, research-based curriculum that supports all levels of learners
  • Extended Day Program focused on improving academics and providing access to enrichment and social booster activities
  • Access to current technologies that ensures computer literacy
  • Blended learning for students in upper grades
  • Formation of independent learners through a combination of live and online classroom experiences