Young Scholars offers a comprehensive, 21st century curriculum in a fun, interactive environment that emphasizes world cultures and languages, STEM and digital media programs, and personalized education for learners of all abilities. It is rigorous, relevant, and aligned with Pennsylvania Academic Standards of Achievement and World-readiness Standards for Learning Languages.

We use a comprehensive improvement plan and revision cycle to ensure that our curriculum remains current. This cycle contains specific components that members of our academic departments and clusters of teachers work through each year. Its nimble structure ensures that we intentionally focus on each step of the curriculum development process while remaining responsive to new initiatives and the frequent changes required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

To learn more about the curriculum offered by Young Scholars, please contact our principal at or our director of instruction at

Our Curriculum

  • Diverse teaching strategies for multicultural K-8 learners in a small, safe educational setting
  • Engaging STEM and digital-media programs for learners of all abilities
  • Instruction in two globally significant foreign languages starting in kindergarten
  • Personalized attention to each student’s needs through technology-assisted curriculum and research-based instructional resources
  • Preparation of our students to participate in a global society as life-long learners