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Music Education

Course Descriptions

General Music

At Young Scholars every student grades kindergarten through eight grade are required to take our general music class. Each grade level has music class once a week for forty four minutes. The curriculum for each grade level varies from year to year, however, every student learns how to sing a variety of music, play musical singing and movement games, read music and come third grade begin the process of playing an instrument.

Guitar  Lessons

Presently, there are guitar lessons offered to six through eight grade students. The curriculum focuses on the development of entry level guitar skills.

These skills include:

– The ability to perform on the instrument.

– Increase level of finger dexterity and independence.

– Attaining the base knowledge of how the guitar is played.

– There will be performance requirements during the school year.


In fourth thru eight  grade the students have the opportunity to play various band instruments. These instruments include trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, clarinet, flute, oboe, alto saxophone, and percussion. Each week every student has band rehearsal during the extended day program. In addition, throughout the week students are pulled out of class if necessary. The fourth thru eight graders are grouped together by like instruments.