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Rigorous and Fun Curriculum

Our Program

Young Scholars of Western PA Charter School provides a rigorous curriculum emphasizing math, science and reading in all grades. As a multi-cultural school, all students also have the opportunity to learn Turkish and Spanish. We integrate world cultures and technology in all grades, helping to make the school day fun yet structured. For students with limited English proficiency, we offer an ESL program to help bring students up to necessary standards in reading and speaking English.

Character Education, a unique program at YSWPCS, is taught in 4-8 grades and addresses ways to help students grow in responsibility, integrity and self-discipline. The program integrates positive values into every aspect of the school day, helping students learn to deal with problems proactively and become more confident.

Throughout the year, our entire school celebrates many world holidays including international winter holidays, Thanksgiving, and holidays celebrated in other countries. Some of these activities take place in the early evening, and may include ethnic food and music. Parents, teachers, staff and students really enjoy these social gatherings where they can get to know each other better at a fun event.

YSWPCS Language Program

The value of learning multiple languages at an early age include: improved abilities with unfamiliar disciplines, such as mathematics; statistically proven higher scores on standardized tests; and greater career opportunities. The early years (5 to 7 years old) language instruction will take advantage of the common, cross-cultural methods all children use to learn their native languages as well as mimic games, stories, songs, rhymes and physical play. For the middle years (7 to 11 years old) cultural elements, unfamiliar, culturally specific stories, games, and songs, classroom rituals, and teacher clues will form the basis of making language instruction natural. Through the language immersion program and traditional academics students will acquire linguistic proficiency (English plus two other globally significant languages); excellence in traditional academics, and a deep sensitivity to multi-cultural contributions.

Academic Motivation and Competition

For those students who demonstrate the interest, opportunities are provided to participate in regional and national academic competitions. An atmosphere of “personal best” will prevail, with students encouraged to reach for excellence, within their potential. Current programs that YSWPCS participates in include Math Counts, Science Olympiad, Multicultural Olympiad, Robotics and Odyssey of the Mind.

Special Education

YSWPCS is committed to providing equal opportunity, both in formal education and in extra-curricular activities, to disabled students and students with special needs through their Individualized Education Programs. YSWPCS employs a full-time special education teacher. If you would like to learn more about The Rights To Special Education please click here

Technology Integration

The entire YSWPCS community, faculty, students and administrators will be technologically literate and competent to access resources which open avenues for life-long learning.

Extra-curricular Activities 

A needs and interests surface, extra-curricular activities will be added to an initial compliment of anticipated activities which include: Science Club, Science Olympiad, Computer Club, Chess Club, Art Club, Drama Club, Family and Consumer Science Club, Soccer Club, and Student Council.

Academic Standards

As a free public school funded by school taxes, YSWPCS abides by all regulations for charter school established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Here is a listing of the “The Pennsylvania Academic Standards” that we follow:


The Pennsylvania Academic Standards

Please click here for PA academic  standarts