Mission Statement

The mission of the YSWPCS Parent-Teacher Organization, or PTO, is to contribute to building a rich, supportive environment for Young Scholars students. The PTO works in partnership with Young Scholars administration, teachers, and parents.

The PTO facilitates student success in the 21st-century classroom and workforce by promoting and supporting high levels of academic performance and fostering positive growth in social and emotional behaviors and attitudes.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Supporting Young Scholars’ stated mission
  2. Promoting communication and mutual respect among parents, faculty, and the administration
  3. Supporting the educational and social objectives of the school through PTO-sponsored programs
  4. Providing direct financial support to the school through organized fundraising events
  5. Providing financial assistance to programs that directly impact teachers and students
  6. Organizing community-building events

Volunteer Clearances

The PTO maintains a binder with completed volunteer clearances; it is located in the main office.

When planning a field trip, event, or visit, teachers check this binder to see if the adult volunteers involved have their clearances. If not, they must obtain them and have them submitted before volunteering (no signing up and volunteering before we have the actual results).

The PTO is very willing to provide information about obtaining clearances to teachers and potential volunteers.

Field Trips, Special Events, and Fundraisers

Teachers, contact the PTO when you are planning a field trip or special event! We will advertise for you to help you recruit chaperones and remind parents to turn in permission slips. There are PTO-donated wagons and coolers for classrooms to use on field trips, and we can also help with donated time, funds, and products for your event.

Remember, when you are doing a fundraiser, we can coordinate when the PTO has one so as to not overwhelm our families. Parents and guardians can also help the school by registering their Giant Eagle Advantage Cards, using Amazon Smile, and cutting out Box Tops!

PTO Bulletin Board

The PTO has a bulletin board hanging in the school vestibule. It contains pocket folders for PTO forms, box tops, teacher wish lists, and PTO suggestions.

The wish list looks like a tiger paw. Teachers note their needs on these pages and place them in the folder for for parents to take and fill.

PTO Meetings

The PTO holds monthly meetings that are open to parents, guardians, and other members of the Young Scholars community. Our meetings are run by our officers and attended by representatives from Young Scholars’ staff and administration.

Tuesday meetings are held at 6:00 pm in the Young Scholars cafeteria.

All are welcome to join any PTO meeting or event.

2019-20 Dates & Meeting Minutes

PTO Newsletter